What we do 

With our Blue Key Planning Process we offer you a sophisticated approach to managing your wealth by creating tailored strategies to meet your short and long term needs. We’ve provided wealth management services since 2008.

Our team will:

  • Simplify your entire financial life
  • Create peace of mind by reducing your financial concerns
  • Guide you through critical financial events
  • Deliver tax-efficient strategies across all aspects that improve your financial position
  • Proactively adjust your plan as opportunities are identified


  • Widely recognized financial planning designation in Canada and worldwide
  • Considered the standard for the financial planning profession worldwide
  • A rigorous education program with continued education requirements each year

Chartered Investment Manager® (CIM) designation

  • The ability to conduct discretionary portfolio management services on behalf of their clients.
  • Specialization in high-level investment strategies tailored to affluent clients.

A holistic view of your wealth and your life

Our financial planning approach incorporates integrated tax and risk management strategies across six key dimensions of your financial life.

Optimizing your retirement

We’ll help manage the risks of retirement, aiming to preserve the capital you’ve built and to create a tax-efficient income stream to support your needs and goals.

Planning for major expenditures

We ensure you have the right plan in place to make your goals a reality – whether this includes education planning, investment or retirement property purchases, or other significant capital requirements.

Managing cash flow efficiently

We examine and continuously evaluate your cash and credit needs, with the goal to deliver the flexibility you require to meet your goals. From detailed cash flow analysis to tax-efficient income planning, we develop strategies tailored to you.

Preparing for the unexpected

We can’t always anticipate the challenges that we may be faced with, but we can plan for them.  We’ll help you develop comprehensive risk management strategies to provide for those you care about.

Maximizing your business success

From optimizing corporate investments to business succession planning, we implement strategies that synchronize and enhance your personal and business needs.

Sharing your wealth

Establishing how to share your wealth will allow your legacy to live on for the people and causes you care about, including philanthropy, charitable giving, and intergenerational wealth and estate planning.

The unique benefits of an IIROC licensed team

As the client of an IIROC licensed advisor, you will benefit from enhanced advisory and investment opportunities that many financial advisors may not offer. This includes:

  • Unbiased and comprehensive investment advice and products
  • No commission on buys and sells of stocks, bonds, and preferred shares
  • No charge of advisory fees on holding stocks, bonds, and preferred shares
  • A Separate Managed Account Investment (Azure SMA)
  • Mutual Funds, Private Pools, and GICs
  • Insurance licensed to offer you Segregated Funds
  • Greater fee flexibility
  • Investment knowledge and expertise refined through extensive training
  • Access to more alternative and private investment assets
  • Consolidation and streamlined management of your money within one account

Experience our next generation IG Living Plan

Are you prepared for all the ‘what if’s’ in your financial life?  Find out with our next-generation IG Living Plan. 

With this interactive new digital experience, we can help you test different scenarios and show the impact of your decisions before you make them.


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The Blue-Key Planning Process 

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to financial planning, so we begin by understanding what really matters to you.

As your life moves through different phases, our ongoing process will proactively monitor and respond to you – reflecting our comprehensive, yet flexible team-based approach to financial planning that can deliver a deeper emphasis on any aspect of your plan.

Step 1: Discovery

We listen and learn about you and your family. We build a relationship that is tailored to achieving your financial life goals, concerns, and values.

Step 2: Identify the full picture 

We discuss and identify your most pressing goals, concerns, and "sleep at night" investment strategy. We understand that every situation is unique and comes with a customized approach, so we take the time to fully assess and understand you and your families in depth planning needs.

Step 3: Your personalized planning experience 

We will open the door to your personalized planning experience by designing your customized IG Living Plan TM. We will walk you through where you are today, where you would like to go, and use our financial strategies to reach those goals in the fastest and smoothest way. We can stress test your plan and show you all of life's "what if's" as well as the impact of making different financial decisions live. Our planning approach simplifies all of life's financial complexities and we explain this in a way that is relevant to you and easy to understand. 

Step 4: Unlocking your potential 

We take action to implement and manage the strategies uncovered by the IG Living Plan and the Blue-Key Planning Process.

Step 5: Partnering together for success

Our proactive planning and advice allows you to lock away the financial stresses of life. We meet regularly and stay on top of complicated financial matters for you and create a service plan that meets your needs. Together, we adapt your plan as life changes and help close the door to financial stress and worries.